BEGA Green Flowery Skirt

Size: S. Worn once.
@ $15.

Grey Straight Skirt with extra side pouch

Size stated on is "S". But i personally think is for "XS".
Never worn before.
If interested, contact mi for measurements.
@ $8.

MNG Basic Bright Blue Long Pants

Fit Eur size 36. Fit local size 27. Worn once only.
*Got it at much more higher price.
@ $20!

Dark blue-black long Jeans (Brand New)

Size: 25. Never worn before.
@ $15.

Black long pants (Brand New)

Free size. Never worn before. Stretchable, with string to tighten.
@ $6.

Blue long Jeans (Brand New)

Size: 25. Never worn before.
@ $15.

Beige with orange lines side pocket 3/4 pants (Preloved)

Free size. Worn twice only. Stretchable, with string to tighten.
@ $5.

Dark blue-black 3/4 Jeans (Brand New)

Size: S. Never worn before.
@ $9.

Beige zipper side pocket 3/4 pants (Brand New)

Free size. Never worn before. Stretchable, with string to tighten.
@ $7.


SKIN79 HOT PINK SUPER+ BB CREAM Triple Function 40g
Brand NEW, imported from Korea.
Sealed with sticker on bottle.
40g per bottle.

SKIN79 Hot Pink Super+ BB Cream 40g[SOLD!]
@ $28 each!

Brand NEW Marion Lip Balm, Lip Smacker, Silky Lips

All Brand New!
From left to right:

1. Marion Lip Blam - Natural flavour @ $3.
2. Skittles Lip Smacker Balm- Peach Pear flavour @ $6.[SOLD!]
3. Silky Lips Stick- Paprika Orange @ $4.


New *Cute* Long Necklaces, Keychains, Handphone straps & Earrings!
Disney Mascot~
Make of cakes, pudding desserts~
YuMmy cUtiE, u cant resist them~!
All accessories are BRAND NEW!
Can't find anywhere esle! =D
*If interested can email mi @ Lain

Owl Necklace Gold Colour

Available: @ $9.90 each.

Geek Girl Long Necklace

Available: @  $9.90 each

Camera Long Necklace

Available: Red & Black

@ $9.90 each

Disney Mascot Necklace Earring

*Both Mickey & Dale sold out!

Disney Heart & Ribbon Mascot Necklace

All necklace length *34cm* long!
Only left with: 1 Black Heart Pooh, 1 Dark Blue Heart Mickey & 2 Purple Ribbon Daisy.

@ $10 each!

Couple Keys to your heart

1. Hp strap @ $3.90 each. 2. Earring @ $5 a pair.

yUmMy Sweets~

Books, Comics & Others

*SALE* 最遊記Saiyuki Reload Comic/Manga Book 5 in English

Brand new sealed. Book 5 in English.

@ $5! UP: $9.80.

Hutchinson Pocket - The Sixties

-Used before. But still in good condition as u can see on pic. Its a pocket book. 
Condition 9/10, a sticker at a corner. 
Bought long time ago at but letting go at cheap price now. 
Best for teaching children on The Sixties that they need to know about. 
Interested do contact us =) thanks.

@ $1! UP: $2.